About Us

Unique UK Service was founded in 29th September 2016, by Earnest Ofori. We became a plumber in Ghana in the early 90’s full of determination. He later relocated to the UK and became to woke as a security man, due to working hours he was unable to spend with his family as he wanted. He saw how it affected his kids and himself. He was inspired to change his situation by starting a service business “Unique Service UK’ which would able him to be flexible, enough for him to still have time for quality time. We hire only professionally trained trades men, to whom we offer all our employee the freedom to flexible around their work become we believe that family is important. Creating a clean and safe environment is also very important to us as we believe it can help improve productivity,


Charity ‘ele’ foundation


Unique UK Services, we love giving back to our customers and the community, we know that children are the future so educating, loving and caring for every child is was we pride on. Each year we carry out a fun raiser to raise money for a charity we strongly believe in , based in Ghana called “ele foundation”. They empower children by providing them with shelter, food, toys, education, etc.


We will be taking part in the 2019 Fun Raiser on the 4th of August 2019, this will be taking place in London for more information please visit ‘ele’ on Instagram the link below will lead you to the page (please check the highlights ‘ele foundation’). Sign Up and be apart of this amazing case, you can also donate as little as £1, a little can go a long way.

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